[Biococoa-dev] NSMutableData vs malloc

John Timmer jtimmer at bellatlantic.net
Sun Jul 10 20:06:06 EDT 2005

> I am completely and absolutely with you. But I am just being
> pragmatic right now, and I know most people on this list want mutable
> sequences now... One thing we could do is call all of these classes
> BCMutableSequence, BCMutableDNASequence,... and not use the name
> BCDNASequence,... But I think we will have mutable/immutable
> sequences real soon now. I want to work on that!! I feel exactly like
> you, that we need these immutable sequences to ensure better
> performance.

I agree with this in principle, but I'd like to do so in a way that the
subclasses we've got in place work for both mutable and immutable sequences.
I can't figure out how to possibly wrench the ObjC runtime into place so
that happens, but I'm hoping one of you guys can come up with something.


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