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Charles PARNOT charles.parnot at stanford.edu
Fri Mar 11 00:34:42 EST 2005

Thanks, Koen, it is a very nice list. I did not realize all of this was indeed necessary.

How about adding an entry in the dev-docs file to make this easier to retrieve and refer to? (BTW, guys, it is still in my agenda to expand those docs too, and add a word about the BCSequence 'placeholder' class and the overall structure of the sequence classes; and something about unit testings; be patient!).

We could add this one too:
In public headers, check that you do not use relative paths in your #import statements.
Example: use #import "BCSequence.h" and not #import "../BCSequence/BCSequence.h" if called from a file in another folder. The compiler will find the header even without the correct path.


At 8:29 PM -0500 3/10/05, Koen van der Drift wrote:
>Just a general remark. When adding new files to the framework, make sure you do the following:
>1. Add the files in the right location in Xcode, so they match the structure on your HD
>2. Add the files to BCFoundation.h or BCAppKit.h
>3. Click on the BioCocoa target and make sure all files are labled 'public' (except for BCCocoa_Prefix.h)
>4. Files in BCFoundation only need to #import <Foundation/Foundation.h>, not <Cocoa/Cocoa.h>
>5. Change _MyCompanyName_ to The BioCocoa Project
>BTW it would be nice if we can do this automatically, including the addition of the LGPL licence which I think should be at the top of each file. I know we can make our own templates, but they should be stored outside the project, somewhere in Application Support. Anyone knows if this can be set on a per project basis?
>6. Commit the files to cvs, and don't forget to commit the changes to BCFoundation.h and project.pbxproj
>- Koen.
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