[BioCocoa-dev] Peptides...

Koen van der Drift kvddrift at earthlink.net
Sat Mar 19 16:56:56 EST 2005

On Mar 19, 2005, at 4:17 PM, Koen van der Drift wrote:

> I found a bug in the display of the peptides, it is an error between 
> 0-based and 1-based calculations. If I select a peptide in the right 
> pane, in the left pane the peptide shown is one position off (too 
> high). First I tried changing that in the search code, but tht is not 
> right because all calculations are 0-based. So it has to be changed in 
> the display code:

Sorry, this is not right either :). The change should be in Results.m:

- (NSString *)description{
	return [NSString stringWithFormat: @"Peptide: %3.d-%3.d\t MW: %.3f\t 
(%.4f)", range.location + 1, range.location + range.length, mw, diff];

- Koen.

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