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Charles PARNOT charles.parnot at stanford.edu
Mon Mar 21 00:26:20 EST 2005

At 1:23 PM +0100 3/20/05, Alexander Griekspoor wrote:

Part of the problem is Xcode. I gave up on cvs integration in Xcode for the BioCocoa project, and now went back to CVL, a GUI for CVS which is very nice indeed (interestingly, same guys as OCUnit). I can do project-wide update (include automatically new folders) and commit easily with recursive behavior, add folders, files,... The only thing is you need to close your Xcode project if the main file was changed. Nib files are folders and are therefore visualized as such. The same with the project file. And files not seen by Xcode are handled too, of course, which helps in some situations.


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