[Biococoa-dev] universal framework ?

Peter Schols sweetcocoa at mac.com
Mon Jul 3 09:12:12 EDT 2006

Hi Koen,

Going universal is easy (at least in theory). In the project info,  
you have to make sure you link against the 10.4 Universal SDK.
Then make sure to select both Intel and PPC in the build settings,  
and that's it. At least, when the code itself is "universal". All  
Cocoa code is universal by default. Plain C code might cause some  
trouble (endian issues, ...), but as far as BC is concerned, this  
will only be a small percentage, I guess.

I'm not entirely sure that the Universal binary will still work as  
expected on pre-Tiger systems. Therefore, you'll have to do a little  
more work. Hint #2 in the following article gives a good overview on  
how to support pre-Tiger systems with universal binaries: http:// 

best wishes,


On 03 Jul 2006, at 14:51, Koen van der Drift wrote:

> Hi,
> Does anyone know if the current version of the framework is already  
> 'Universal' ? For the poster and WWDC, I think it would be a good  
> idea to make a universal framework, but I would not know how to do  
> that. What do you guys think? Should we then still have a regular  
> version as well ?
> If someone could point me to some instructions, I'd be happy to add  
> it to the framework and commit it to cvs.
> cheers,
> - Koen.
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