[Biococoa-dev] svn and beginner questions

Gorazd Krosl gorazd_1957 at yahoo.ca
Wed Jun 28 06:50:34 EDT 2006

As a new member and beginner with svn, I have a few
(probably dumb) questions. I have been able to
download the project using svn svn+ssh://.... however,
using the svnX is not permitting me to do it. It is
returning "access denied" error despite I have
provided it with my user name and password. I am
probably missing something very obvious, so any
pointers will be greatly appreciated.
Second, since this is my very first time working in a
collaboration, I would like to know what is the proper
procedure when I for instance create new class or
something simmilar and would like to put it in for a
group to see. Do I commit directly, ask Peter for
permission (review) or what?
Sorry for these questions, but as you can see, I am a
beginner. You do not need to hold my hand, just point
me to where policies are written.

Thanks for patience and have a nice day,

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