[Biococoa-dev] Re: New goodies - BCStandaloneReader

Koen van der Drift kvddrift at earthlink.net
Sat Mar 4 10:09:28 EST 2006

On Mar 3, 2006, at 5:16 AM, Peter Schols wrote:

> I have been thinking about BioCocoa and this is what I think we  
> could do next:
> - First of all, we should move to SVN.
> I'm running my own in-house Subversion server on a Mac OS X machine  
> for almost two years now and it is not even in the same league when  
> compared to CVS. Moving to SVN would be great for several reasons  
> (better support for binary files (nibs!), easier to create  
> branches, great svnx front-end for Mac OS X, better Xcode  
> integration, ...), and it will definitely encourage us to submit  
> more to the repository. Since bioinformatics.org recently announced  
> support for svn, I'm willing to move the project to svn. The only  
> problem is that I can't login on the Bioinformatics.org homepage. I  
> always get the not logged in error message. I have tried several  
> things in 3 different browsers, but always the same error... could  
> someone verify this with their account?
> -  I have to enhance and cleanup my BLAST and Entrez classes and  
> add them to BioCocoa.
> I have a working demo app in which you can do a BLAST query on the  
> Net and get results in an NSTableView with only 3 lines of code.  
> I'll need to incorporate more BLAST settings into this BLAST  
> classes though to increase usefulness.
> - During some tests of the BLAST classes with ObjectAlloc (don't  
> ask me why) I noticed what could be a memory leak in BCSequence. I  
> was in a hurry back then (it was right before WWDC) but I'll do  
> some more testing and see if it's still there ;-)
> - As Koen suggested, we should move the BCReader code into the main  
> project and switch to BCSequenceArray. Koen proposed to do this and  
> that would be great! I'm always willing to help.
> - Koen and Alex, any chance you will be donating the KDTextView to  
> the project?
> - Later on, it would also be worth discussing CoreData and if/how  
> we could use it in BC.
> These are just a few thoughts, I'm sure many of you have their own  
> to-do lists and plans. Feel free to comment!


I'm glad there is still some interest in pumping new life into  
BioCocoa. I have gone through a rough year personally and haven't had  
my mind on programming, but always had the feeling that BioCocoa  
shouldn't be left the way it is now. Here are some of my thoughts on  
the project.

1. Try to aim for a stable release as soon as possble

2. Move to svn

3. Review and address the TODO list in the project

4. Add new functionalities

5. Add more to BCAppKit

6. Promote BioCocoa. I recently found this website, http:// 
macresearch.org/, I strongly suggest we try to get an entry here,  
maybe for the next stable release.

Also Peter and Alex, good luck with your new career moves - it all  
sounds very exciting. Alex when are you graduating?

Happy Saturday!

- Koen.

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