[Biococoa-dev] Initial Subversion import

Koen van der Drift kvddrift at earthlink.net
Tue Mar 7 21:29:25 EST 2006

On Mar 7, 2006, at 4:06 PM, Peter Schols wrote:

> Dear all,
> I've done the cleanup, reorganisation and initial SVN import of the  
> BioCocoa project.
> You can view the repository using the web interface at: http:// 
> bioinformatics.org/websvn/
> This web interface is quite interesting, it can be used to checkout  
> a copy of the repository. You can even use RSS to subscribe to the  
> repository or certain folders in it.
> What bothers me, is that all bioinformatics.org repositories seem  
> to be shared. As a result, our initial import is revision 3.  
> Fortunately, there is only one other SVN hosted project right now.  
> Nonetheless, this approach seems less than desirable and I'd really  
> like a separate repository for BioCocoa. I'll contact the  
> Bioinformatics.org sysadmin for more information on this.
> Update: the SVN website says the following: "You may choose any  
> place on the server (to which you have access) to create a  
> Subversion repository and import your code. However, if you want  
> the public to see and download your code via the Web interface, it  
> has to be in the main repository, svnroot."
> So it seems that we either have our own, private repository, or  
> that our repository is accesible through a web interface... I'll  
> check this.
> In the meantime, feel free to check out the repository ;-))

No luck so far :(

I followed the instructions from this page:


but keep getting the following error:

$ svn checkout svn+ssh://bioinformatics.org/svnroot/repository/biococoa
svn: No repository found in 'svn+ssh://bioinformatics.org/svnroot/ 

Did I miss anything?


- Koen.

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