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> [quote]
> Regarding SVN/BerkeleyDB, we're noticing the "corruption problem".   
> We think it's actually a DB locking problem and no corruption is  
> actually occurring.  We have a cron script check on the DBs because  
> of this.  Do you know if there is a replacement (planned) for  
> Berkeley DB in SVN?
> [/quote]
> Let me know if any of you can answer that,
> cheers,
> - Koen.

There are 2 database formats:

 From that reading, it seems FSFS might be a safer route,  
particularly now that it has been around for a while:
"The only real argument against FSFS is its relative immaturity  
compared to Berkeley DB. It hasn't been used or stress-tested nearly  
as much, and so a lot of these assertions about speed and scalability  
are just that: assertions, based on good guesses. In theory, it  
promises a lower barrier to entry for new administrators and is less  
susceptible to problems. In practice, only time will tell."
(and that was written at least a year ago; FSFS was introduced with  
svn 1.1)

See also the table on that same page:
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Finally, at the bottom of this page on cocoadev:


"...I've tried having a repository with two users accessing it  
through svnserve (what I call virtual users, since they are not users  
on the actual system) and one (me) using ssh, and that went really  
bad. Technically it's possible to do, it's described here: http:// 
however, it doesn't quite work, even if you follow the steps  
precisely. The Berkeley DB databases (redundant acronym, I know)  
crashes constantly. I have read that if you use FSFS instead it works  
better, but I haven't tried it yet. So, my single most important  
advice is: use only one access method per repository...."

And the same problem experienced on a project with Drew McCormack by  
Alex and me.

BUT I AM NO EXPERT AT ALL ON THIS STUFF!!! Maybe a little bit of  
Google-ing would add sense to all this :-)


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