[Biococoa-dev] BioCocoa and CoreData

Koen van der Drift koenvanderdrift at gmail.com
Mon Jun 8 09:26:52 EDT 2009


I haven't been doing a lot of programming in a while, but with the
WWDC starting and all the news and twittering around it, I couldn't
resist to open up Xcode. One thing I read a lot about recently is Core
Data (yes, I know, I'm slow, it's been out for a few years now :-),
and at first glance it looks like a very useful technique. So I
thought to write a small demo app like a simple sequence editor for
BioCocoa that uses CoreData, just as an exercise. The excellent
tutorial at MacResearch.org also deals with molecules, so that was
promising. But when I thought more about it, I came to the conclusion
that an editor is actually not a good example to use with CoreData
(please correct me if I'm wrong). It get's more interesting when the
app deals with more than one sequence at a time, eg when aligning
them, or when dealing with digests from a main sequence. On top of
that, if I use BCSequence as an attribute for my Sequence entity, I
still need to go to all the BioCocoa classes for I/O, use all the
accessors, etc.

So, just out of curiosity, I was wondering if anyone has used CoreData
in combination with BioCocoa? Should/can BioCocoa be adapted to be
more CoreData friendly?


- Koen.

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