[Biococoa-dev] BCSequence class cluster? [Was Re: Introducing myself]

Koen van der Drift koenvanderdrift at gmail.com
Sun Mar 1 14:10:03 EST 2009

On Mar 1, 2009, at 1:13 PM, Craig Bateman wrote:

> Might it have been a wrapper around NSArray so that the macros in  
> BCInternal.h could be used for array access rather than making users  
> of the toolkit call "ugly" macros for array handling?  These are the  
> macros that use NSArray, NSSet, etc. functions on GnuStep, but the  
> CFArray & CFSet functions on a mac.

Yes, I just looked at the code and that seems about right. So instead  
of addObject, we just have a wrapper method addSequence, which is I  
guess just a more suiable name. I also saw I never finished the  
removeSequence, and my comment seems a bit cryptic too. Feel free to  
go ahead to add stuff.

- Koen.

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