[Biodevelopers] An amusing note on the traffic

Colin Browne colin_browne at yahoo.com
Tue May 7 10:26:34 EDT 2002

Thank you Joe

Your efforts seem to be successful so far.

Thanks again


 --- Joe Landman <landman at scientificappliance.com>
wrote: > Folks:
>   I thought you might like to know that the vast
> majority of traffic on
> this email group, is SPAM (a.k.a UCE, junk-email,
> etc).  I wanted to let
> you know in case they actually get a message
> through, and it looks like
> it is faked from me (they have been trying that), or
> Martin, or someone
> else.
>   We are actively working to prevent your mailboxes
> from filling up with
> this junk, though the adversary is clever as well.  
> Joe
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