[Biodevelopers] Solution to use TagIdent in batch

Jean-Etienne Poirrier jepoirrier at student.ulg.ac.be
Tue Oct 29 11:48:08 EST 2002


I am analyzing 2D gels and I obtain a lot of spots representing proteins to 
identify (with only 2 criteria : pI and Mw). For that purpose, I use 
TagIdent, a tool from Expasy (see http://www.expasy.org/tools/tagident.html).

The thing is that I really have _a lot_ of spot to identify (at least 100). 
For the moment, I send queries to TagIdent during a half day for one gel. I 
was wondering if there is a tool to perform these queries in batch (I give 
a file with spotID, pI, Mw and the result is a list of possible proteins).

I thought I can write it by myself and/or modify the TagIdent Perl script 
(http://www.expasy.org/cgi-bin/tagident0.pl). But I don't know if TagIdent 
is an open source / free software. And, if it is, I cannot obtain the 
source code.

Did someone already have such problem or know the solution? I look at 
Google and BioPerl but I wasn't able to find anything.

Thanks in advance,

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