[Biodevelopers] Searching for a standard-conform C++ Bioinformatics Library

Malay Kumar Basu curiouser at ccmb.res.in
Mon Apr 14 10:04:36 EDT 2003

Hi Daniel:

> I'm desparately searching for a bioinformatics Library, which includes 
> basic features for handling protein-structures e.g. rmsd calvulations.
> I tried the BTL ( 
> http://people.cryst.bbk.ac.uk/~classlib/bioinf/BTL99.html ) but this one 
> is very old and nearly impossible to compile with gcc 3.2 and BALL 
> (which unfortunately seems not to include rmsd-calculations.
> Does anyone know where to get a suitable Bioinformatics C++ Library ?

It's a pity that compared to Perl and Java, C++ is the last choice of most
of the bioinformatics library. And there are not many choices either. It
is possible ofcource to pick a C library and write wrappers around it.
Look at EMBOSS, which is written purely in C. If your do write wrappers
it think of starting a new project. Ofcourse, you need to think of
licencing issues first. Bioinformatics community will thank you forever
for your good work. 

In anycase I wonder why C++ is not a choice of bioinformatics work,
considering now it is pretty portable. But that's the topic of another



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