[Biodevelopers] Searching for a standard-conform C++ Bioinformatics Library

Titus Brown titus at caltech.edu
Wed Apr 23 14:02:31 EDT 2003

-> another collection of C++ classes for various Bioinformatics
-> purposes is available at Baylor College:
-> http://www.hgsc.bcm.tmc.edu/downloads/software/CBT++/
-> CompBioTools++ is a collection of C++ classes intended to simplify the
-> development of complex computational biology
-> applications. It includes basic functionality to manipulate sequences,
-> classes to parse common kinds of files, and
-> implementations of various sequence analysis algorithms.

The libraries look great, except for this disclaimer:

Academic and commercial licenses for this software will be made available in the near future.
Contact James Durbin kdurbin at bcm.tmc.edu to be notified when the libraries become available

I'll contact him to see what the licenses will be, but it sounds like
it will *not* be an open-source license....


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