[Biodevelopers] Searching for a standard-conform C++ Bioinformatics Library

Edith Schlagenhauf ediths at botinst.unizh.ch
Wed Apr 23 05:05:56 EDT 2003


another collection of C++ classes for various Bioinformatics
purposes is available at Baylor College:


CompBioTools++ is a collection of C++ classes intended to simplify the
development of complex computational biology
applications. It includes basic functionality to manipulate sequences,
classes to parse common kinds of files, and
implementations of various sequence analysis algorithms.



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On Mon, 14 Apr 2003, Malay Kumar Basu wrote:

> Hi Daniel:
> >
> > I'm desparately searching for a bioinformatics Library, which includes
> > basic features for handling protein-structures e.g. rmsd calvulations.
> > I tried the BTL (
> > http://people.cryst.bbk.ac.uk/~classlib/bioinf/BTL99.html ) but this one
> > is very old and nearly impossible to compile with gcc 3.2 and BALL
> > (which unfortunately seems not to include rmsd-calculations.
> >
> > Does anyone know where to get a suitable Bioinformatics C++ Library ?
> >
> It's a pity that compared to Perl and Java, C++ is the last choice of most
> of the bioinformatics library. And there are not many choices either. It
> is possible ofcource to pick a C library and write wrappers around it.
> Look at EMBOSS, which is written purely in C. If your do write wrappers
> it think of starting a new project. Ofcourse, you need to think of
> licencing issues first. Bioinformatics community will thank you forever
> for your good work.
> In anycase I wonder why C++ is not a choice of bioinformatics work,
> considering now it is pretty portable. But that's the topic of another
> discussion.
> Cheers,
> Malay
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