[Biodevelopers] RDBMS vers new data model

Dr. Hari Koduvely hari_koduvely at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 23 10:24:09 EDT 2004

Hi Guenther,

I agree to some extent to what you said. I was trying
to build a database of all the available information
on Stress Response of Cells but I realized that even
for single cell organisms like Yeast, it is so complex
that it is not easy to fit into a standard RDBMS
format. One has to first sit with a biologist to
understand all the complexities to come up with a
decent datamodel which then can be converted into some
physical database. 


--- thorsten.ries at tudor.lu wrote:
> Hello Guenther,
> > Hi Hari,
> >
> > What kind of warehousing are you thinking of? I
> would be very interested 
> to=
> > =20
> > discuss this topic since we made lots of
> experience in this field using 
> Pos=
> > tgres.
> What kind of warehouse were you testing and what is
> your experience with 
> PostgreSQL?
> > I think one of the biggest challenges in this
> field is not the use of 
> > but the development AND maintenance of a proper
> data model. Without a=20
> > decent model the database is nothing but a fancy
> file system (in extreme 
> wo=
> > rds).
> That's exactly my opinion too! It less than optimal
> to adapt the special 
> properties of biological data to a RDBMS. Instead a
> global view will be 
> necessary to develop a new kind of a data model
> combined with an adapted 
> Information Retrieval or Data mining, Storage
> layer,...  to fulfil the 
> biological needs. 
> Do you have already an idea, where to go?
> Regards,
> Thorsten
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