[Biodevelopers] RDBMS vers new data model

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Mon Apr 26 04:54:06 EDT 2004


biodevelopers-admin at bioinformatics.org wrote on 04/22/2004 10:14:38 PM:

> I think that this development should be a community effort, not
> centralised.

Interesting aspect! However, a community effort will be difficult to 
realize, even if this would be a better solution compared to a centralized 
one (at least in the beginning). I guess, the normal way is more like 
Linus showed with the Linux development. Someone starts developing a piece 
of software that others find interesting, thus they start to participate 
to this project. 

> That is what I mean (I think). Having a well defined model for your 
> data allows you to take what you need and build what you want. Then
> someone else starts to take something of what you provide and so on.
> Sooner or later a core standard will emerge. I hope that anyone who has
> read this far can somehow see this vague point, because this is what
> science is, the development of ideas and the formation of a consensus.

I agree, that's the way who science works and someone has to do the first 
step. Till now, several institutions/companies,... tried to do this step 
and there are several new and interesting approaches. So why not putting 
some of these approaches together when thinking of a new data 

> > 'new'/'better suited' model, you'll end up re-inventing a 
> > model.  Having standardized, even peer-reviewed, data models promotes 
> > better computing environment and makes it easier to make advances in
> > science.  For most of us, Science, not technology or programming, is 
> > ultimate pursuit.

> I absolutely agree. It boggles my brain to think what we (me and my 
> will be able to do scientifically in the next 50 years with the 
> biological universe at our fingertips!

Yep, I agree too!

Is there someone on this list, who already works on the development of a 
new model/environment?

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> Cheers,
> Dan.


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