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Susanne Cardwell smcardwe at ucalgary.ca
Mon Jan 12 14:13:42 EST 2009

Dear Sir or Madam,


The Bioinformatics Platform (BIP) is offering the Applied Computational
Genomics Course (ACGC) to Bioinformatics/ Biology researchers and students
as well as to doctors and residences. 


The ACGC runs full-days from July 14th to July 20th in Calgary, Alberta,


Featuring instruction from some of the best bioinformaticians across Canada
on software applications such as BioMoby, Birch, Bluejay, Helpdesk, and
more, we are confident that this course will be of benefit to you, your
staff and colleagues, or any graduate students you may know.  


For additional information, please visit our website at
http://www.gcbioinformatics.ca/training or contact Administrative
Coordinator Susanne Cardwell at smcardwe at ucalgary.ca.


Also, if possible, we are asking your assistance to help advertise ACGC via
your email, newsletters, or website. Please see the brief description of the
ACGC below which I am hoping you will circulate (by posting) throughout your
faculty, department, or place of work. 


If you would like to have a one-page poster or a four-page handout to
distribute or to keep for your own purposes, please do not hesitate to email
me at smcardwe at ucalgary.ca or training at gcbioinformatics.ca with "ACGC" in
the subject line. 


I would be more that happy to provide you with more information. Feel free
to contact me at smcardwe at ucalgary.ca (Subject: ACGC Course Information)
with any questions, comments, or feedback. 


Thank you in advance for your assistance!


Susanne Marie Cardwell, Administrative Coordinator

Bioinformatics Platform

Genome Alberta



ACGC dedicated to EMPOWERING biologists, bioinformaticians, students, and
researchers to become POWER USERS of the Bioinformatics Platform.


Leverage the power of Unix for managing data; learn to write quick Perl
scripts that get the job done; become proficient in using bioinformatics
software and services. 


This week long course, running from July 14th to July 20th in Calgary,
Alberta, will assist researchers, students, doctors, and residences to
increase their efficiency in problem solving by introducing them to the
tools and services of the Bioinformatics Platform, including:


*	The advantages of using a UNIX environment, 
*	BIRCH (Biological Research Computer Hierarchy), 
*	Bluejay
*	BioMoby, 
*	Help Desk services and programs
*	And more



The course fee is $1250.00 for early bird (before June 1st) Canadian
registrants; $1500.00 for early bird non-Canadian registrants; $1750.00 for
late Canadian registrants (on or after June 1st): and $2000.00 for late
non-Canadian registrants.  Snack breaks, lunches, and course materials are
included in the above listed fee structure.  


After the course, attendees of the ACGC will have FREE internet access to
all the Bioinformatics Platform tools and databases used in this course.


For additional information, posters, or a registration form, please email
Susanne Cardwell at smcardwe at ucalgary.ca.  Alternatively, for more
information (or to access the registration form), please visit






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