[Biophp-dev] Ok. Im new Hows the deal?

biophp-dev@bioinformatics.org biophp-dev@bioinformatics.org
Mon, 21 Apr 2003 20:00:54 PST

> One thing we could use relatively soon would be parsers for
> more file formats (GenBank, ASN.1) and possibly frontends
> for some common "compiled" tools (such as clustalw)...

Serge has a genbank parser, some support for clustalw and quite a few
datastructures in his genephp project. The code looks real usefull.  I
have been emailing a bit with Serge, but it is still not completely clear 
to me if he wants to give that code a home within this biophp framework
(and if that is OK with Sean). I think it would work well to take Serge's 
code as a starting point, to look critically at the design of the
classes, and start filling in the blanks.  Or am I missing something here??