[Biophp-dev] Current Events - State of the Project, plans, etc.

Serge Gregorio biophp-dev@bioinformatics.org
Wed, 16 Jul 2003 09:20:27 +0800

Hi everyone!  Hi Sean!

>Sourceforge STILL appears to be mostly dead.  Only developers appear to be
>able to get to it at all.  WebCVS updates are still dead, and
>anonymous CVS access appears to be down completely.  This appears to be
>sourceforge's whole system, not just GenePHP.

Yes, I'll discuss this with the SF guys.  It's really unfortunate...

>Hello to Euan Adie, Gene Ioffe, and Dan Bolser who >have recently signed onto the list!

Well, hello and welcome to the new folks!

>Serge is attending classes through October and said >he won't be getting much coding done meanwhile.  He >mentioned that he did have some updates to post, but >only has access to his main computer

Yeah, I'm struggling to get my feet wet in real biology (and chemistry) and my head is spinning already with the different conformations of real complicated organic/protein molecules... duh...

Will resurrect myself by mid-October...

>every two weeks or so.  Serge mentioned that he'd be >focussing more on "quick and dirty" (mainly >standalone?) working scripts, to be more 'formally' >re-worked at a later date for incorporation as
>BioPHP modules.


Ah yes, that approach gives me instant gratification (pardon the term)... but don't worry, whenever I can find use for other people's code (e.g. Frankie's levenshtein function), I will...  =)

>I (Sean) have checked in an NCBI BLAST interface, some minor
>updates to the 'core' XML parser (and, incidentally, thanks
>again to Greg Tyrelle for supplying a written parser for
>me to look at earlier!) and ESearch and EUtils modules,

Okay, nice work... keep it up...

>I've been contacted by Hallgier Bergum, who has the >biophp.org domain.  His project has been a sequence >annotation database system, but he mentions

>that he's not had time to work on it, and suggested >we pick up the domain name from him "for a reasonable >price" since he's not going to be able to
>make use of it any time soon.  I sent back a reply >expressing interest and

Well, I won't exactly restrain anyone from taking up Hallgeir's offer but there is the biophp.net already, which we can use (Jeff of bioinformatics.org is just having problems hosting it, SF does not provide DNS hosting -- oh well, I guess there is no such thing as a perfect project host?).



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