[Biophp-dev] Current Events - State of the Project, plans, etc.

S Clark biophp-dev@bioinformatics.org
Wed, 16 Jul 2003 17:09:01 -0600

On Tuesday 15 July 2003 07:20 pm, Serge Gregorio wrote:
> Yes, I'll discuss this with the SF guys.  It's really unfortunate...

Since the CVS services at bioinformatics.org are chugging along perfectly it's
not so much an issue, so long as stuff ends up there as well as sourceforge.

> Yeah, I'm struggling to get my feet wet in real biology (and chemistry) and
> my head is spinning already with the different conformations of real
> complicated organic/protein molecules... duh...

You're lucky - I'm still trying to work out how to scrounge up funding to
finish my degree.  Good luck!

> Ah yes, that approach gives me instant gratification (pardon the term)...
> but don't worry, whenever I can find use for other people's code (e.g.
> Frankie's levenshtein function), I will...  =)

Actually, that I think this'll be a good thing - it means that a lot of
times when one of us gets around to trying to implement something new
in the 'formal' BioPHP code, you may already have a working quick-and-dirty 
implementation available that works to look at :-)

> Well, I won't exactly restrain anyone from taking up Hallgeir's offer but
> there is the biophp.net already, which we can use (Jeff of
> bioinformatics.org is just having problems hosting it, SF does not provide
> DNS hosting -- oh well, I guess there is no such thing as a perfect project
> host?).

The only real reason for having BioPHP.org is merely consistency with the
other BioXXX projects (which are all BioXXX.org).  Peer pressure -
"Everybody's doin' it.  You gotta have a .org if you wanna be COOL....".
Well, that and drink more beer, if my television is to be believed...

If we can get bioinformatics.org to do DNS that'll be great - if not, DSL
is said to be available to my area some time in September, and I intend to
move over to Business-class DSL with 2 IP addresses (off of the business class 
cable-modem which is my only option right now), so in a pinch I could do the
hosting myself at that point.  I can contact the guys at bioinformatics.org 
to coordinate something - if nothing else I could probably at least provide
some simplistic secondary DNS or something.