[Biophp-dev] Updates

Serge Gregorio biophp-dev@bioinformatics.org
Fri, 06 Jun 2003 12:43:12 +0800

Hey Greg!  Welcome back!

Thanks for all the info!

>Further more I will be attending BOSC/ISMB [1/2] in >Brisbane in June/July. I will be giving a short talk >at BOSC on a few topics (My PhD research,  >nodalpoint.org, debian and bioinformatics). 

>Since BOSC is *the* open-source bioinformatics >conference I would be happy to mention the BioPHP >project in the talk too.

>My question is would everyone else be happy with >this? 

Speaking for myself, I think it's a swell idea.   
Please don't forget to mention the people who
have been toiling to make it a reality (aka US). =)

>Lastly, does the presence of a genephp directory in >cvs imply that these two code bases will be merged ? 

Yes, that is the hope.

>My question is: Which is the official BioPHP site ?

Ahhh... good question.  Hey guys, would you like to 
merge the projects now?  I think I've seen enough of
both SF and here to render my humble opinion.

>Sorry for the long email and keep up the good work :)

>Greg Tyrelle  (http://www.kinglab.unsw.edu.au/~greg)

No problem... and nice to hear from you again!



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