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Third Training Course on Functional Genomics of Insect Disease Vectors

               Application deadline: 30 September 2006

    Website: http://www.who.int/tdr/grants/grants/training_genomics.htm

A workshop sponsored by TDR and organized by African Center for Training
in Functional Genomics of Insect Vectors of Human Diseases (AFRO
VECTGEN), Malaria Research and Training Center (MRTC), Bamako,
MaliCourse Website:

The objectives of AFRO VECTGEN are to:

- train African scientists involved in insect vectors of human diseases
research to apply state-of-art bio informatics and functional genomics

- facilitate the establishment of network involving African scientists
and international partners in bioinformatics and functional genomics

The proposed workshop is the third in the series of AFRO VECTGEN's
WHO/TDR sponsored workshops.

Course Overview

This course will provide an understanding of current molecular
entomology techniques and a review of current status of insect disease
vectors population studies. The course will provide an overview of the
methods used to sequence, assemble, and annotate vector genomes and will
introduce a set of internet-accessible, relational database management
tools that have been developed for these genomes. Participants will gain
practical experience with a variety of bioinformatics tools and
applications, the relational Anopheles database AnoBase

The participants will also be introduced to other Internet genome
analysis systems and the fundamentals of popular bioinformatics
algorithms like BLAST. This workshop will also cover general approaches
and applications in proteomic methods. Participants will gain practical
skills and understanding in high-throughput technologies in proteomics,
2D electrophoresis gels, Mass spectrometry, proteome annotation,
microarray data for gene expression, analysis of single nucleotide
polymorphism (SNP) and genotype da ta, statistic methods applied to
bioinformatics and microarray data analysis.


The course is geared to advanced PhD trainees or Postdocs active in
entomological research (or parasitologists who also work with vectors),
with demonstrated basic computer skills and background in molecular
biology. The trainee is expected to have basic familiarity with the
general principles of molecular biology techniques and some working
experience with computers and the internet. Reliable internet access at
the participant's home institution is required.

Candidate Review and Selection

The workshop is limited to 20 candidates and applications from insect
vector-borne disease endemic countries are encouraged. All eligible
applicants will be considered for review. Two letters of recommendation
from the applicant's supervisors or other senior scientists stating how
the training will be used in the immediate future should be provided.

How to apply

Applicants must fill the on-line registration form available at:

Applications should be made online:

Applications must be received by 30 September 2006

Financial Support

The workshop is sponsored by TDR. Hospitality in the form of training
arrangement, local transportation and housing will be provided by the
AFRO VECTGEN. Travel funds and meals will be provided to all selected
participants. There is no registration fee.

No. of Participants: 20
Course language: English

Further Information

Dr Seydou Doumbia
E-mail: mailto:afrovectgen at sundjata.biology.ucla.edu

Important Dates

Application Deadline: September 30, 2006
Notification of Participants: October 15, 2006
Course Dates: November 29 - December 13, 2006

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