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New Section on ASBCB website: Courses

Postgraduate Bioinformatics Programmes

MSc and PhD programmes at the South African National Bioinformatics
Institute (SANBI)
SANBI offers competitive internationally recognised postgraduate programmes
in Bioinformatics. A wide range of research projects are available.

Short Courses in Bioinformatics

Stanford-South Africa Biomedical Informatics Programme (SSABMI)
The Stanford-South Africa Biomedical Informatics (SSABMI) Training Program
expands teaching, training, and research opportunities for individuals
interested in the application of informatics technologies to problems in
biomedical research.
The program is a partnership between the University of the Western Cape, the
University of Cape Town, the National Institute of Communicable Diseases,
and Stanford University.

Introductory Course in bioinformatics
Dates:  14 - 16 August 2006
Venue:  ILRI, Nairobi, Kenya
Funders:        International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI),
Biosciences East and Central Africa (BECA) and the Swedish University of
Agricultural Sciences (SLU)

The above information may contain personal views of the author thereof and
is not necessarily the views or policies of the African Society for
Bioinformatics and Computational Biology (ASBCB). The ASBCB does therefore
not accept liability for any damages arising from the correctness of the
facts stated in this communication, unless specifically stated. If you have
received this message in error, please notify us immediately and destroy the
original message.

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