[cmview-devel] A brief update on recently added features

Henning Stehr stehr at molgen.mpg.de
Wed Apr 21 10:55:22 EDT 2010

Most of these features require USE_EXPERIMENTAL_FEATURES=true in your
Some features (such as Delta Rank and SVoxel functions) require a
connection to our database and therefore can't currently be used
outside of the MPIMG network.

New features in CMView 1.2

- Structural alignments with DALI
- Distance geometry reconstruction (using Tinker)
- Parallel display of contact map and overlay (e.g. contact density)
in upper and lower half of contact map window
- New status Bar to the right of the contact map showing optional
controls for various modes
- Experimental Delta Rank functions (contact-based multi body potential)

New features in CMView 1.3

- Calculate minimum reconstructable subset using cone peeling
algorithm [Gabriel] (see
- Loading and showing weighted contacts (e.g. from NMR ensembles) [Henning]
- Swap models in compare mode [Matthias]
- Show geometric environment of contacts ("Svoxel visualization", via
right-click context menu) [Corinna]

New features planned for CMView 1.4

- Load from sequence (start with an empty contact map for ab-initio modelling)
- Secondary structure prediction
- Pairwise potential overlay

This is more or less the complete feature list for the next public
realease 2.0 which will be a full contact-based protein modelling

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