[cmview-devel] A brief update on recently added features

Jose Duarte jose.duarte at psi.ch
Wed Apr 21 11:57:15 EDT 2010

Wow! Thanks a lot for setting this up. Good job everyone involved!

I suppose the code will be also public in svn at bioinformatics.org? I 
can do the transfer easily, let me know if you want to do that. I only 
need to remember what I did for owl. The process was simply dumping with 
svnadmin dump and then loading the dump on the other side with svnadmin 

Of course the difficult part is to get everyone to agree to freeze the 
code and not to commit to the old server. Anyway once we move we can 
make the old repository read only so that should the transition easier.

As said let me know if you want to go ahead with the transfer once 
everybody is ready.



Henning Stehr wrote:
> Most of these features require USE_EXPERIMENTAL_FEATURES=true in your
> cmview.cfg.
> Some features (such as Delta Rank and SVoxel functions) require a
> connection to our database and therefore can't currently be used
> outside of the MPIMG network.
> New features in CMView 1.2
> - Structural alignments with DALI
> - Distance geometry reconstruction (using Tinker)
> - Parallel display of contact map and overlay (e.g. contact density)
> in upper and lower half of contact map window
> - New status Bar to the right of the contact map showing optional
> controls for various modes
> - Experimental Delta Rank functions (contact-based multi body potential)
> New features in CMView 1.3
> - Calculate minimum reconstructable subset using cone peeling
> algorithm [Gabriel] (see
> http://dx.doi.org/10.1371/journal.pcbi.1000584)
> - Loading and showing weighted contacts (e.g. from NMR ensembles) [Henning]
> - Swap models in compare mode [Matthias]
> - Show geometric environment of contacts ("Svoxel visualization", via
> right-click context menu) [Corinna]
> New features planned for CMView 1.4
> - Load from sequence (start with an empty contact map for ab-initio modelling)
> - Secondary structure prediction
> - Pairwise potential overlay
> This is more or less the complete feature list for the next public
> realease 2.0 which will be a full contact-based protein modelling
> tool.
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