[cmview-devel] dssp 4 mac/osx

Michael Lappe lappe at molgen.mpg.de
Fri Dec 17 09:17:10 EST 2010

Hi everybody -

we have a working executable of dssp for OS/X, but I don't want to put it 
out there for licensing reasons, maybe we should get in touch with gerd 
vriend and send him the executable, asking him to make it available on the 
official dssp site ? Henning asked me to give a brief overview of the 
steps involved for the FAQ:

compiling dssp under OS/X

1. download the dssp source (swift.cmbi.ru.nl/gv/ ??? check, seems down) 
2. Have gcc installed (this is part of the xCode distribution, see 
3. run the makefile (works as is) from the comand line
4. if desired, rename and copy the resulting executable (i.e. to 
5. edit the dssp_executable line in cmview.cfg such that it points to it.

While testing, I get sometimes the error from the PyMol callback 
17.12.10 15:15:00	[0x0-0x5b05b].com.apple.JarLauncher[556] 
Error while reading from command buffer or callback file: 
/var/folders/cu/cuPmq+d7Fp82aLbdV1-XjE+++TM/-Tmp-/cmview.callback (No such 
file or directory)
I think it is uncritical, the communication seems to work fine 

cheers & best wishes!      .\\ichael

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