[cmview-devel] Release candidate 1.1rc2

Henning Stehr stehr at molgen.mpg.de
Tue Dec 21 13:22:43 EST 2010

The latest release candidate 1.1rc2 is available for download from

We have addressed most of the bugs and some of the feature requests
in the GoogleDocs list (Big thanks to everyone who participated in the
hackathlon last friday!)

This is the version that we plan to provide to the reviewers of the
Application Note so if you still find severe bugs, please report them
to the mailing list as soon as possible.

I will tag the current version in the repository as
CMView-2.0.0-released-as-1.1rc2. Sorry for the confusion with the
version numbers. The code already contains all the features for CMView
2.0 just they are hidden as 'experimental'. Because non-exprimental
features have not changed much from 0.9.6 (the last release version),
we call the release 1.1.

I will send the final version of the paper in the next few days so
that all authors have the chance to read it before submission. If
anyone prefers not to have MPIMG as the affiliation, please let me
know. Otherwise, I will list everyone as MPIMG members since the work
was done here at the institute.


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