[cmview-devel] Fwd: Bug report - PyMol frequently crashing when used by CMView

Thomas Hopf thomas.hopf at gmail.com
Sat Nov 5 12:10:58 EDT 2011

Hi Jose,

just checked whether I can reproduce the problem with the realtime 
contacts turned off, and I can't - no crash or anything.


Am 04.11.11 14:32, schrieb Jose Duarte:
> Hi Thomas
> Could you try something for us? Simply turn off the real time contact 
> mode by adding this to the cmview.cfg file:
> Then restart cmview and try a few selections and keep using it for a 
> couple of minutes as you say to see if it still crashes.
> The real-time feature was introduced quite late and might have issues 
> as it produces a lot of pymol requests.
> Cheers
> Jose
> PS: I'm copying to the list just to keep everyone informed

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