[ghemical-devel] Cigwin & ghemical 1.5

ALEX MANTION mantion_alex@yahoo.fr
Wed, 12 Nov 2003 14:14:51 +0100 (CET)

Thanks to Tommy Hassinen and Michael Banck for their
advices ! I solve the gtk problem, get the cvs version
of ghemical (1.5) with : cvs
checkout ghemical (and idem with libghemical).

I try to compile it with gcc > 3.2 ! It seems not to
work :-( ! 

The configure step complete without error, but when I
use make it stops due to an error at
geomopt-dialog.cpp once at approx line 20 and approx
after at 80. Has is something to do with a glut_init
not found ("Checking for glutInit in -lglut : no") in
the ./configure step [but Gl/glut.h is present !!!!)? 

For libghemical, ./configure works fine (with the same
preceeding remark) but here there are syntax errors :
in cdiag.c 
in function 'cdiag_'
c:33 syntax error before "fm06as..." 
At top level
same kind of error line 558 and line 724
in fonction 'me08a_'
c:628 syntax error before "fm06bs..."

What should I do 

Thanks for your answer

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