[ghemical-devel] Constraint View Patch

Tommi Hassinen thassine at messi.uku.fi
Tue Apr 4 03:19:38 EDT 2006

On Mon, 3 Apr 2006, Donald Ephraim Curtis wrote:

> SUGGESTION:  I think that Ghemical needs a configuration dialog.  That is, i 
> think that it needs options that get stored in $HOME/.ghemicalrc and THAT way 
> we don't need to recompile to enable all that stuff.  I'll see if i can find 
> time, at this point the brute force configuration flags work ok, but its time 
> to start showing a bit of concern that there are no user options.

I agree that a configuration dialog and a $HOME/.ghemicalrc file would be 

Those are also quite easy to do, but it's more difficult to replace the 
current macro-based solution with this new solution. Let's take the 
long/short mousetool labels as an example ; now it can be set like 
"element" or like "el" but it's a compile time choice. How to make this a 
runtime choice when the toolbar is created using a static GtkActionEntry 
array like this (see main.cpp around line 128) :

GtkActionEntry gtk_app::entries1[] =
 	{ "FileMenu", NULL, "_File" },
 	{ "HelpMenu", NULL, "_Help" },

> now lets consider a configure flag.  either way, i think keeping the 
> libghemical to nanometers is a must, we only need to concern ourselves with 
> the "view/controller".

I agree.


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