[ghemical-devel] about versions and organizing tasks

Tommi Hassinen thassine at messi.uku.fi
Tue Apr 4 04:51:33 EDT 2006

Donald and Geoff,

you seem to have many ideas and suggestions how to make improvements for 
the VERSION_2_BRANCH in order to make it ready for the release.

On the other hand, I'm more concerned about driving the HEAD version 
ahead, so that the new features that are all the time added to 
VERSION_2_BRANCH could be ported there as well and so the amount of 
duplicate work could be minimized in the future.

So, my idea is that you could freely do the changes you like to the 
VERSION_2_BRANCH, and then we release it as v2.0 when you think it's 
ready. I'm focusing on HEAD version, and try to do tasks that help us 
longer term. Since VERSION_2_BRANCH and HEAD look the same from the user's 
perspective, we can later release HEAD as v2.10 or v2.20 when the time is 
right. Let's just solve the issues like Å/nm and configuration dialog so 
that the version jump would be as small as possible.

What do you think?


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