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MANO HAR manu_phy at yahoo.co.in
Mon Dec 18 11:33:20 EST 2006

  Dear Sir,
  I am Manohara. S. R, Research Student, Department of Physics, Gulbarga University, Gulbarga, India.
  We would like to find the ground and excited state dipole moment of three fluorescent molecules from “Ab initio calculations”. As your suggestion I got GAMESS (Ghemical and GTK-GAMESS) through internet: ghemical.ki.ku.dk.
  I tried so many times to install this programme in my computer. It is not installing. So I am approaching you for help.
   I did the following steps to install:
  1. Download the ghemical-2.10-w32.zip file.
2. Extract the zip file to your C:\ directory. (This will create a ghemical folder)
3. Double-click the 'ghemical.reg' (64-bit windows users should use 'ghemical64.reg')
  [When I do this step it is giving the message “are you sure you wanted to add information in C:\ ghemical\ ghemical\ ghemical.reg” I tried with both YES and NO options].
  4. Run the 'setupenv.bat' to complete setup. [I did this step as follows: Start à Run à C:\ ghemical\ ghemical\ setupenv.bat à OK, also I tried by double clicking on 'setupenv.bat'. If I do any of these two, just it will blink and afterwards nothing will install].
      I am facing problem to install this package. I will grateful to you, if you kindly help me regarding this. 
  My computer system specifications are:
  Operating System: Windows Xp
  CPU (Processor): Intel duo core 2.66
  MOTHER BOARD: Intel 102
  RAM(memory): 512 DDR II
  Thanking you,
  Yours sincerely

Research student 
Department of physics 
Gulbarga University 
Gulbarga - 585 106 
Karnataka (State)
Mobile number: +91- 9449775573, +91- 9844106803

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