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Donald Ephraim Curtis donald-curtis at uiowa.edu
Fri Dec 22 00:08:31 EST 2006


Sorry for the delay in my response.

I believe the problem is that you created c:\ghemical and then extracted
to that directory.  So you have C:\ghemical\ghemical\*  which is
incorrect.  The files should be in C:\ghemical.

For instance; you should have C:\ghemical\setupenv.bat

This should resolve the problem.


(Mon, Dec 18, 2006 at 04:33:20PM +0000) MANO HAR <manu_phy at yahoo.co.in>:
>   Dear Sir,
>   I am Manohara. S. R, Research Student, Department of Physics, Gulbarga University, Gulbarga, India.
>   We would like to find the ground and excited state dipole moment of three fluorescent molecules from “Ab initio calculations”. As your suggestion I got GAMESS (Ghemical and GTK-GAMESS) through internet: ghemical.ki.ku.dk.
>   I tried so many times to install this programme in my computer. It is not installing. So I am approaching you for help.
>    I did the following steps to install:
>   1. Download the ghemical-2.10-w32.zip file.
> 2. Extract the zip file to your C:\ directory. (This will create a ghemical folder)
> 3. Double-click the 'ghemical.reg' (64-bit windows users should use 'ghemical64.reg')
>   [When I do this step it is giving the message “are you sure you wanted to add information in C:\ ghemical\ ghemical\ ghemical.reg” I tried with both YES and NO options].
>   4. Run the 'setupenv.bat' to complete setup. [I did this step as follows: Start à Run à C:\ ghemical\ ghemical\ setupenv.bat à OK, also I tried by double clicking on 'setupenv.bat'. If I do any of these two, just it will blink and afterwards nothing will install].
>       I am facing problem to install this package. I will grateful to you, if you kindly help me regarding this. 
>   My computer system specifications are:
>   Operating System: Windows Xp
>   CPU (Processor): Intel duo core 2.66
>   MOTHER BOARD: Intel 102
>   RAM(memory): 512 DDR II
>   HARD DISK: 160 GB
>   Thanking you,
>   Yours sincerely
> Manohara.S.R 
> Research student 
> Department of physics 
> Gulbarga University 
> Gulbarga - 585 106 
> Karnataka (State)
> India 
> Mobile number: +91- 9449775573, +91- 9844106803
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