[meltsim] MeltSim Problems!!!

Marko Pavlekovic marko at mikro.biologie.tu-muenchen.de
Fri Nov 26 04:20:11 EST 2004

Hi everbody.


I would like to use MeltSim Program, but unfortunately it does not work. I
get all kind of error messages. I am using Win XP SP2 german version. 


Opening a file in MELT containing nothing else but the sequence seems to
work. But letting the program do its calculation it fails with the following
error message: “Exception EconvertError in module MELT.exe at 00004A62.
´0.075´is not a valid floating piont value.” Now changing all “.” in
“Starting Temp.”, “Final Temp.”, “Temperature Increment” and “Sodium
Molarity” to “,” works and the program does the calculation. At the end of
the calculation the program creates four files: *.log, *.mtl, *.pos and
*.pro. Trying to open the files with GRAPH failes unles I change all “.” in
these files to “,”. After this GRAPH can read some of these files.
Nevertheless, the graph looks completely strange and I still cannot open one
file: *.pos.


Does anyone know a possible solution for this problem????







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