[meltsim] MeltSim Problems!!!

J.W. Bizzaro jeff at bioinformatics.org
Sun Nov 28 18:45:50 EST 2004

Hi Marko.

The binaries for the version on the MeltSim website, were compiled with 
Delphi 2 on Windows 98.  Quite a bit has changed since then, especially, 
I imagine, multi-lingual interfaces for Windows.

I think the problem *may* be resolved by recompiling MeltSim using a 
recent version of Delphi, maybe even on the German version of XP.  The 
source code for MeltSim/Windows is available:


And I think you can get the trial version of Delphi for free:


Taofiq Paraiso <tao at nordita.dk> (CC'd) mentioned that he recently 
recompiled MeltSim.  You may want to ask him for the binaries to see if 
they work any better.


Marko Pavlekovic wrote:
> I would like to use MeltSim Program, but unfortunately it does not work. 
> I get all kind of error messages. I am using Win XP SP2 german version.
> Opening a file in MELT containing nothing else but the sequence seems to 
> work. But letting the program do its calculation it fails with the 
> following error message: “Exception EconvertError in module MELT.exe at 
> 00004A62. ´0.075´is not a valid floating piont value.” Now changing all 
> “*.*” in “Starting Temp.”, “Final Temp.”, “Temperature Increment” and 
> “Sodium Molarity” to “*,*” works and the program does the calculation. 
> At the end of the calculation the program creates four files: *.log, 
> *.mtl, *.pos and *.pro. Trying to open the files with GRAPH failes unles 
> I change all “.” in these files to “,”. After this GRAPH can read some 
> of these files. Nevertheless, the graph looks completely strange and I 
> still cannot open one file: *.pos.
> Does anyone know a possible solution for this problem????

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