[meltsim] ANNOUNCE: 2.0 beta release!

R Blake doug8829 at adelphia.net
Thu Oct 20 19:17:39 EDT 2005

Very nice effort. I will try it out. Keep me posted.
At 06:57 PM 10/19/2005, you wrote:

>Fellow melters,
>A lot of work has been done in recent months porting MeltSim from 
>the Windows/GUI environment to Unix/CLI (command line), and I'm 
>happy to say that a public release is almost ready.  While this port 
>may seem like taking a step backwards to some (by eliminating the 
>desktop GUI), there are some distinct advantages to doing this:
>   - Placement of MeltSim into a pipeline or workflow
>   - Execution of MeltSim on a cluster or supercomputer
>   - Creation of a Web interface for MeltSim
>The port of MeltSim involved the following:
>   - Translation from Delphi/Pascal to full ANSI C99 with a CLI
>   - Inclusion of the "newer" 1998 empirical parameters***
>   - Use of more descriptive (and all lowercase) variable names
>   - Splitting the functions up into separate .c and .h files
>   - Addition of a Tm calculation function+++ and a CLI progress bar
>   - A couple bugs have also been found and fixed.
>***The 1995 parameters are still available (see the README file).
>+++The Windows version had the Tm function in the "Graph" tool.
>Note that the Graph tool won't be ported.  I prefer to use gnuplot these days.
>I hope to port and update the "Compile" tool someday, but there are 
>now many free tools that pretty much do the same thing.
>I'm making this announcement only on the MeltSim mailing list for 
>now, since this is a beta release (numbered 1.99.0, meaning 
>2.0-beta1, as commonly done with open-source projects), and I would 
>like you guys to try it and test it first.  It's available here:
>   ftp://ftp.bioinformatics.org/pub/meltsim/meltsim-1.99.0.tar.gz
>Please let me know what you think and if you encounter any problems.
>And expect an announcement shortly about a Web interface!
>J.W. Bizzaro
>Bioinformatics Organization, Inc. (Bioinformatics.Org)
>E-mail: jeff at bioinformatics.org
>Phone:  +1 508 890 8600
>meltsim maillist  -  meltsim at bioinformatics.org
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