[Molvis-list] how to get more shades in rasmol?

Kristina Rogale Plazonic kris at Math.Princeton.EDU
Wed Dec 1 14:51:31 EST 2004

> >Warning: Unable to allocate shade!
> Jmol (jmol.sourceforge.net) does not have this bug, and accepts the 
> RasMol/Chime command set.

Thank you very much! Indeed Jmol works better - I'm a convert! I was 
wondering though, before I consign rasmol to the electronic dirtheap, 
whether all the rasmol commands are implemented in Jmol (please pardon my 
ignorance). For example, 
'color chains'
did not seem to be a recognized command in Jmol, which is sometimes very 
useful command. 

Thanks very much also for consurf link! Indeed, I wasn't aware of it. 
Also, the script that you can download from their site doesn't seem to 
work in Jmol (but it does in rasmol). 

> Are you aware that you can color by conservation (in Chime, in Protein 
> Explorer) automatically at consurf.tau.ac.il? This display uses 9 colors, 
> and generally doesn't run out of colors on Windows systems. The coloring 
> script can be downloaded, e.g. for use in RasMol or Chime or PE or Jmol.

I'm not sure this is the right list on which to bring these further
questions up, in which case I apologize for junking people's mailboxes. I
just wanted to thank you again for pointing me in the right direction!

Thank you again!

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