[Molvis-list] how to get more shades in rasmol?

timothy driscoll molvisions at mac.com
Thu Dec 2 09:38:54 EST 2004

>>>Warning: Unable to allocate shade!
>>Jmol (jmol.sourceforge.net) does not have this bug, and accepts
>>the RasMol/Chime command set.
>Thank you very much! Indeed Jmol works better - I'm a convert! I
>was wondering though, before I consign rasmol to the electronic
>dirtheap, whether all the rasmol commands are implemented in Jmol
>(please pardon my ignorance). For example, 'color chains' did not
>seem to be a recognized command in Jmol, which is sometimes very
>useful command.

hi Kristina,

'color chain' is indeed implemented in Jmol (no trailing 's').

I can't say if *all* RasMol commands have made it into Jmol yet, but that is certainly a primary goal of recent development.  I would say the great, great majority are there.

if you find one that does not work, ask on the user list - it is monitored quite closely by the developers, who are very responsive to user input.

>I'm not sure this is the right list on which to bring these further
>questions up, in which case I apologize for junking people's
>mailboxes. I just wanted to thank you again for pointing me in the
>right direction!

there is a Jmol user list (find out more at <http://www.jmol.org/>) for specific questions about Jmol.  but this list is a good one as well.  :-)


Timothy Driscoll
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