[Molvis-list] how to get more shades in rasmol?

Cindy klevicca at jmu.edu
Thu Dec 2 21:58:00 EST 2004

Please let me add my voice to those who support Rasmol.  I have used it for future elementary and middle
school teachers.  For them, it is easy to learn, easy to use and extremely flexible for use in many things
they can apply in their own classes.  It is a powerful teaching tool for students of all ages.

Cindy Klevickis

Michael Sternberg wrote:

> On Thu, Dec 02, 2004 at 06:05:41PM +0100, Trans-Laboratory -- Chemical Analysis Service Provider -- wrote:
> >   Just wanted
> > to tell you that in the long run RasMol has proved -and shall do- to be
> > extremely powerful and well developed, thus to consign it to as your call it
> > "electronic dirtheap" is in my view -to say the least- rushing things.
> I strongly support this opinion.  Rasmol is very fast to start up and
> render, and among the very few programs capable of vector graphics
> (Ball&Stick postscript), with quite extensive scripting capability and
> high quality output.  I routinely use it to render reaction paths of
> several structures on-the-fly from application program format to
> animated gif (on Linux/X11).
> Most mol-viz program optimise for interactive rendering speed, but no
> other program in its class comes anywhere near Rasmol in startup time
> and scriptability for its quality.
> Regards,
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