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Frieda S. Reichsman friedar at nsm.umass.edu
Sun Dec 26 17:29:09 EST 2004

Dear Colleagues,

BioMolecular Explorer 3D is a new website that presents a selection of 
molecular visualization resources targeted at high school biology 
classes. With BioMolecular Explorer 3D we seek to lower some of the 
barriers that may discourage teachers from using molecular 
visualization in their classrooms, such as searching out appropriate 
materials online, finding useful information for lesson planning, 
installing and testing the software, and the like.

The BioMolecular Explorer 3D website provides the following in an 
integrated manner:

- links to software for viewing Chime presentations
- step-by-step instructions for download and installation
- links to Chime presentations selected for relevance to a high school 
biology curriculum
- additional links that open pre-selected molecules in Protein Explorer
- brief descriptions of the featured molecules that place them in a 
biological context
- additional links to background information useful for lesson planning
- links to all resources for each molecule are presented as a unit

BioMolecular Explorer 3D was initially created for a CD we tested in a 
K-12 teachers workshop at the University of Massachusetts. Providing 
these resources entirely via CD eliminates the need for an active 
internet connection in the classroom, and as well as the need for 
software download. We plan to offer the CD at cost from the 
BioMolecular Explorer 3D website in the near future.

We hope those of you working at the high school (and possibly middle 
school) level find this collection to be useful. Should you use these 
resources and prepare a lesson plan for your class, we encourage you to 
send it to us for posting on the BioMolecular Explorer 3D website, so 
that other teachers may access it.

You can visit BioMolecular Explorer 3D by going to
and looking for the link near the top,
or by going directly to

Happy Holidays!

Frieda Reichsman & Eric Martz

Frieda S. Reichsman, PhD
Molecules in Motion
Interactive Molecular Structures
Shutesbury, MA
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Eric Martz, Professor Emeritus, Dept Microbiology
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