[Molvis-list] Script for saving files in Chime

Inbal Tuvi-Arad inbaltu at openu.ac.il
Tue Dec 28 03:23:33 EST 2004

Dear colleagues,
  We are working on a Chime based project that requires loading a molecule
from the hard disk, manipulating its coordinates by an external code and
saving the new structure.  We would like to know if there is a way to
control Chime's "Save Molecule As" function through the Chime script.  We
want to have a button on our Website which, using JavaScript and Chime's
script, will open the "Save Molecule As" dialog box and enable the user to
save the current molecule to his/her hard disk. We know it is possible in
Rasmol.  Is this possible in Chime?

Best wishes,

Dr. Inbal Tuvi-Arad
Department of Natural Sciences
The Open University of Israel
108 Ravutski St., POB 808, 
Raanana, 43107, Israel
Tel: 972-9-778-1773
Fax: 972-9-778-0661
Email: inbaltu at openu.ac.il

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