[Molvis-list] polygons and using pymol

abhijit abi_chem at iiit.net
Thu Feb 10 23:48:39 EST 2005

Nadine asked 
"I would appreciate it if someone could tell me how to  draw a line between
two given atoms, using Pymol. If this is not possible with Pymol, what
software could do it?"
Sinasi Ellialtioglu asked
"I am a Rasmol user, and since this list is now bringing together a
multi-software society I would like to ask if drawing polygons around oxygen
octahedra or tetrahedra in various crystal structures (like in YBCO) is
possible in any of Rasmol, Jmol, Chime, Protein Explorer, or else."

>>>>>>>>I have not used pymol. But one can make lines connecting any two
atoms by modifying CONECT records in the PDB files and view it in Rasmol. If
you send the corresponding pdb file to me I can ask my students to modify
the file for the desired result.

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