[Molvis-list] pdb files of wild type/mutants

Frieda Reichsman friedar at nsm.umass.edu
Fri May 6 10:15:30 EDT 2005

Dear Colleagues,

I am seeking pdb files to use as paired examples of the effects of a 
single amino acid substitution on protein structure/function. Ideally I 
would like to have some examples of substitutions that alter function, 
and some that have little or no evident functional effect. If both 
types of substitutions are available for the same protein, so much the 

A good example is normal and sickle cell hemoglobin, but I would like 
to have somewhere between four and ten different protein examples. I 
need some that affect binding or enzymatic activity and are located in 
the binding or active site.

Thanks in advance for suggestions on this topic.


Frieda Reichsman, PhD
Molecules in Motion
Interactive Molecular Structures

MyDNA Project

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