[Molvis-list] rasmol "Unable to find RasMol help file!"

Old Address jr at imb-jena.de
Thu May 26 13:01:37 EDT 2005

Dan Bolser wrote:

>"5) Install rasmol.hlp as /usr/local/lib/rasmol/rasmol.hlp (or at a
> loctaion indicated by the environment variable RASMOLPATH)."
>Although copying rasmol.hlp to the above location does not help, and
>nither does setting $RASMOLPATH! Still "Unable to find RasMol help file!".
>Any suggestions?

use a startup shell script to start rasmol.exe in the $RASMOLPATH where 
the .hlp file resides, too, and deliver data file names with full path, 
on XP a rasmol.bat script which starts up RasMolScripts, e.g. from a web 
page, would look like:
@set THISPGM=%~s0
@set RAZ=%~s1
%RASMOLPATH%\raswin.exe -script %RAZ%
regards, Jan

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