[Molvis-list] Jmol tutorials now at MolviZ.Org

Eric Martz emartz at microbio.umass.edu
Sat Jul 21 21:21:49 EDT 2007

I have updated my main website, 
http://MolviZ.Org, to include Jmol-based 
tutorials for the first time. MolviZ.Org features 
tutorials (previously all Chime based), but it 
has links to all of my molecular visualization projects.

Currently offered in Jmol are tutorials on 
hemoglobin, DNA structure, lipid 
bilayers/channels, and collagen. The first 3 are 
ports from Chime to Jmol kindly done by Angel 
Herraez and Frieda Reichsman. Collagen was 
authored and ported by Karl Oberholser. Soon we 
expect to be able to provide ports of tutorials on antibody and MHC.

Several of these ports use a Jmol Tutorial 
Template developed by Tim Driscoll, Frieda 
Reichsman, Angel Herráez and myself. I plan to 
offer this Template for use by others as soon as 
I can complete its documentation. The template 
supports "Details" text, initially hidden, that 
can be hidden or shown in-line under each 
molecular view description. View Collagen to see Details in use.

In addition to the Jmol-based tutorials, two 
other cross-platform resources are newly featured at MolviZ.Org.

1) The ConSurf Server colors each amino acid in a 
protein by evolutionary conservation, 
automatically, and now displays its results in Jmol.

2) Polyview-3D makes it easy to prepare 
publication-quality molecular views, or 
animations ready to drop into a Powerpoint slide. 
The images are generated by PyMol, used by many 
crystallographers in their publications. However, 
you just fill out a form -- you don't need to learn how to use PyMol.

Chime-based resources are now described as being 
phased out, but will remain available as long as they are used.


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