[Molvis-list] Re: Rasmol and PPt

Joe Corkery jcorkery at eyesopen.com
Wed Sep 12 10:03:49 EDT 2007

Dear Eric and David,

This can also be accomplished using Vivant from OpenEye. Vivant is 
OpenEye's Active-X molecular visualization control which allows for 
dynamic and interactive molecular visualization inside of PowerPoint. 
Vivant scenes are setup using VIDA which is free for non-commercial use 
(http://www.eyesopen.com/forms/academic_license_app.php). Vivant can 
also be used within other Microsoft Office applications as well as in 
Internet Explorer and Firefox.


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Eric Martz wrote:
> On 9/11/07, David Butler wrote:
>> Mr Martz,
>> Is there a way to show rasmol images on PowerPoint? If so, what what 
>> I need to download and/or use?
>> Thank you
>> D.Butler
> Dear David:
> Yes!
> Rather than RasMol, I recommend the free, easy to use Polyview-3D 
> server. This generates publication-quality static images and 
> animations (rotating) using PyMol. You can simply drag its product and 
> drop into a Powerpoint slide!
> If you do prefer RasMol, use screenshot capture similar to what you 
> can do with Jmol, detailed here (from FirstGlance in Jmol):
> http://molvis.sdsc.edu/fgij/slides.htm
> Good luck, -Eric

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