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>Subject: Warren Delano (PyMol creator) passed away
>Subject: Warren DeLano
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>Dear CCP4 Community:
>I write today with very sad news about Dr. Warren Lyford DeLano.
>I was informed by his family today that Warren suddenly passed
>away at home on Tuesday morning, November 3rd.
>While at Yale, Warren made countless contributions to the computational tools
>and methods developed in my laboratory (the X-PLOR and CNS programs),
>including the direct rotation function, the first prediction of 
>helical coiled coil
>structures, the scripting and parsing tools that made CNS a 
>universal computational
>crystallography program.
>He then joined Dr. Jim Wells laboratory at USCF and Genentech where he pursued
>a Ph.D. in biophysics, discovering some of the principles that govern
>protein-protein interactions.
>Warren then made a fundamental contribution to biological sciences 
>by creating the
>Open Source molecular graphics program PyMOL that is widely used throughout
>the world. Nearly all publications that display macromolecular 
>structures use PyMOL.
>Warren was a strong advocate of freely available software and the Open Source
>Warren's family is planning to announce a memorial service, but 
>arrangements have
>not yet been made. I will send more information as I receive it.
>Please join me in extending our condolences to Warren's family.
>Sincerely yours,
>Axel Brunger
>Axel T. Brunger
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