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Prof. Joel L. Sussman Joel.Sussman at weizmann.ac.il
Sun Nov 15 12:57:28 EST 2009

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>From: Axel Brunger <<mailto:brunger at stanford.edu>brunger at stanford.edu>
>Date: 15 November 2009 02:09:01 GMT+02:00
>Subject: Warren L Delano Memorial Award
>Dear friends and colleagues:
>It's now been over a week since Warren has passed away.  We are trying to
>move toward a permanent way to honor Warren's memory and what
>he stood for: Open Source Computational Biosciences and molecular
>visualization. To do this, Jim Wells and I put together a mission statement
>with the approval of Warren's family:
>>The Warren L. DeLano Memorial Award for Computational Biosciences
>>This award shall be given to a top computational bioscientist in 
>>recognition of the
>>contributions made by Warren L. DeLano to creating powerful 
>>visualization tools
>>for three dimensional structures and making them freely accessible. 
>>The award,
>>accompanying lecture, and honorium will be given annually in the context of a
>>national bioscience meeting or a Bay Area gathering of 
>>computational bioscientists
>>at Stanford, UCSF or UC Berkeley. For the award special emphasis 
>>will be given
>>for Open Source developments and service to the bioscience community.
>>The award selection committee, consisting of experts in the computational and
>>biological sciences, will accept nominations from anyone..
>To make something like this happen in perpetuity would take about ~100K for
>the endowment.
>For donations, Warren's family has set up a tax deductible fund:
>Silicon Valley Community Foundation
>memo:  Warren L. DeLano Memorial Fund
>2440 West El Camino Real, Suite 300
>Mountain View, CA 94040
>tel: 650.450.5400
>We hope that you'll consider making a contribution (not matter
>how small) in Warren's honor.  Also, please forward this message
>to anybody who might be able be willing to contribute.
>Best regards,
>Axel T. Brunger
>Investigator,  Howard Hughes Medical Institute
>Professor of Molecular and Cellular Physiology
>Stanford University
>Web:    <http://atbweb.stanford.edu/>http://atbweb.stanford.edu
>Email:  <mailto:brunger at stanford.edu>brunger at stanford.edu
>Phone:  +1 650-736-1031
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